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Specialised Remedial Massage from a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated practitioner with proven and consistent results. 

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About Me

I’m Matt Norris.
Remedial Massage Specialist.

Matt has a passion for the skill of massage and the art of healing. This matched with his extensive experience and dedication to helping people has created a unique and extremely powerful “hands on” remedial therapy.

Find out first hand why people are calling this unique and extremely powerful remedial therapy "the best massage they've ever had"


What Clients Are Saying

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“Matt is absolutely amazing. He not only has a number of qualifications, but his professional working history is proof of his stunning abilities to treat any musculoskeletal issue.
Personally, I have a history of severe chronic back pain compounded with several workplace injuries. Not only did Matt do a thorough assessment before treatment, but also he explained the entire process very clearly and set treatment goals before commencement of treatment.
I honestly had significant pain relief and increasing my ability to exercise and move about.
I wouldn't see anyone else after meeting Matt, he is second to none in his profession ”

jake wilson- 5 star google review

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“Sustained an injury to my left arm, shoulder and neck 5 years ago resulting in constant pain and discomfort no matter what I did. Tried other therapies that sadly only relieved the pain but never found or fixed the problems. A friend recommended Matt and from the first visit I felt soooo much better. Its like he knew where the issues stemmed from, areas I couldn't explain to anyone but somehow he found them. He's gifted and now I feel blessed”

wendy verstreppen-Fb Recommendation

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"I wouldn't have enjoyed a relatively injury free running schedule if it wasn't for his expertise over the last 17 years.....Thanks Matt your a legend.

richard tucker- 5 Star fb review

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"Hi Matt, You managed to take a chronic hip pain which had been an impediment for many years and turn it into a no pain, no discomfort scenario in just 1/2 hr. You are my hero, Thank you Matt."

brian lintorn- 5 STAR review

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"I don't think I 've experienced a more professional or effective massage than received by Matt. Simply the best".

dave evans- 5 Star google review

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"Probably the most skilled hands in Australia, Targeted and oh so healing! Your a champ Matt"

dr robin wilcourt- anti ageing expert